In Room Dining

In Romm Dining is used to create a fully expanded dining room service manual based on your unique requirements. It can be  modified for a startup, freestanding restaurant, country club, city club, or hotel dining room.

Available 24 hours a day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and hospitality functions.
Enjoy 24/7 gourmet or casual cuisine in bed with our in-room dining experience. Whether it's pancakes in the morning or pizza as a midnight snack, simply call and order from our elaborate in-room menus and you'll have a fresh meal delivered straight to your door


  • Any starters – soup or salad, should be rung in first. The server is responsible for timing when the entrees will be entered.
  • Always use member names on your ticket so that food runners may deliver your food if you are busy.
  • Always double check your order to ensure that nothing was missed.