Fishing in Sirumalai is another sport and activity that Tourists can engage in.

This is a perfect activity for avid anglers as well as novices to enjoy mixed water fishing at the various lakes, streams and water bodies in and around Sirumalai.

It is also imperative to obtain a Fishing license from the Assistant Director of Fisheries in Sirumalai before you get involved in this activity. Hang-Gliding in Sirumalai is another activity that Tourists can enjoy.

Fish love to swim off sandbars, in deep edges, in weed beds and around sunken islands. They also swim near artificial structures such as boat docks or piers and around natural cover such as fallen trees. Get a map of the lake if possible. It will help you locate some of these popular fish locations.

learn how to get them on your hook:

  • Crayfish - Under rocks or other shelter in lots of cold-water ponds, lakes, streams and rivers.
  • Crickets- Outside under rocks or maybe even in your house!
  • Frogs - In swamps, ponds and other areas with still, shallow water.
  • Grubs (insect larvae) - Sometimes they live in your lawn.
  • Hellgrammites (dobsonfly larvae)
  • Leeches
  • Mealworms (insect larvae)
  • Minnows (including different species like chubs, dace and shiners) - They can be tough to catch, but you'll probably find them in the same bodies of water you fish.
  • Night crawlers and earthworms - Down in the dirt, probably in your yard or garden.
  • Salamanders - In swamps, ponds and other areas with still, shallow water. Sometimes you can find them on marshy land underneath logs.
  • Salmon eggs
  • Wax worms (moth larvae)