About Us

Thinking to get away from the polluted city life and chill out your lungs with fresh Air and Pure Water !!!

Welcome to Sirumalai , Feel the pure oxygen in your lungs and clean your body with the mountain spring water .When the sun shine breaks the frozen night and begins its lazy ray ,you can get a wake up call from the birds replacing your heart beat instead of regular hand phone wake up.Morning mist add flavour to your tea and break fast .When the day begins you will feel how good it is to live with the nature where you can see hours passing like a day with the meaningful moment .

Perched on the beautiful mountain of the Sirumali Hills ,JMA Garden Resorts offere you the mystic experience which only mother nature can provide .Eco Resorts ,Mistry Hills ,lush green vegitation and pure air are the perfect backdrop for adventure of a unique sort .

Our resort located at the entry point of Sirumalai where you finish you claim of 18 hair pin bends .It is arguably the first and the best resorts in Sirumalai Hills today,offereing scrumptious cuisine,spectacular views,enviable rooms and comfort like you never experienced before .The resort is not only suitable for short vecation but also suitable for conferences,meetings and formal engagements.

Our resort is just 30 minutes from Dindigual city .Can be easily reached by car ,bus and bike .Dindigul is the prime junction and well connected from anywhere in Tamilnadu by train ,bus and air .