Sirumalai hill is very famous hill near to Dindigul city located just 24 km from Dindigul. Travel Direction: Start your journey towards Natham from Dindigul. Sirumalai hill is very famous for its bananas(known as siru'malai' vaalaipalam). Sirumalai hill's bananas is exported to Foreign countries from past. Another important thing to be noted is many rare herbs are available in Sirumali hill. Hence, Sirumalai hill is very popular among the Sidha medical practitioners.

As a tourist spot the developments for the artificial lake is on construction and soon will be opened for boating expected, by mid of 2010. The students from schools & colleges go for treking and for other fun activities. The Hill has totally 20 hair-pin bends and on the middle of the travel you can able to find a church and a view point from where you can watch the beauty of Dindigul city also the "Dindigul Rock Fort" and few lakes. The climate here is enjoyable and it is too cool once you reach top of the hill town.

The hills can be reached from Madurai also. The farming methods are completely organic here on these hills. The place is cheap and convenient compared to other hill stations. It is 1,200 metres high and spreads over 60,000 acres. A third of this greenery is private revenue land on which grows coffee, cardamom, black pepper, banana and lemon.Sirumalai will be declared a reserved forest area soon, which means restricted entry. Rosewood trees, besides silver oak, nellikai and katakai trees, grow in these thick forests.